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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had at least three jobs. I’ve been a photographer, yes. Since you’re reading this on my photography blog, you probably already knew that. But I’ve also been a part-time nanny for the past five and a half years, and since 2011 I have also been a professional miniaturist. Yes, it’s a real profession! I sculpt hyper realistic foods in one-sixth scale out of polymer clay, and I’ve been lucky enough to have customers all over the world.

Just a few weeks ago, I learned that as of August I am no longer going to be a nanny for the two awesome kiddos I’ve been taking care of. Their mom took a big, brave, awesome leap out of the corporate world and is now focusing 100% of her time on being a mom and running their  incredible winery. I’m so excited for her and the family! And her life changes got me thinking. . .

There are so many things I enjoy doing. As a result, I have often spread myself far too thin. At any given time, I’ve had three different websites, a couple different blogs, and way too many email and social media accounts. There is always something I want to try, to make, to be a part of. In many ways I’ve sold myself short, because I haven’t given myself the opportunity to see what happens when I truly pour one hundred percent of my time, energy and focus on a singular project.

As the great  Ron Swanson  said, “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

I have decided to commit myself completely to my little shop,  Puttering. I might be completely crazy to try to earn a living as a Miniatures Artisan. I might be back here in a few months saying, “Just kidding. That  was nuts!” But I feel like I have to try, and I’m excited to do so. I’m excited to see what happens when I fully commit to *gasp* ONE thing.

So what does this mean for Heather España Photography? I will never not be a photographer. I love it, the people I’ve gotten to meet and the incredible experiences I’ve had. My website will still be up, and you’ll of course still be able to contact me. If you’re a previous client, you’re still a client! I’ll still be photographing my return families, couples and individuals, doing sessions for trade, and obviously taking photographs for pleasure. I simply won’t be accepting new clients.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! If you’d like to keep up with current happenings,  Puttering  has a Facebook page  HERE  and Instagram  HERE.  My shop is  HERE  and will be re-launching on September 1st 2017!

Here’s to big little adventures.

With joy,

Heather España