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My name is Heather España, and I’m so happy you’re here. I am a lifestyle photographer living just SW of Portland, Oregon.

My Inspiration

Try as I might, I have troubles with memory recall. I certainly can’t remember things in chronological order. To me, photos are my memories.

Making images has always been part of me being actively in the moment. It heightens my sense of awareness. . . I pay attention to the smallest details. I think of nothing else. It’s like meditation, and the resulting images spark memories. If I can see a photo from my childhood, it’ll bring back all the smells, sounds, and textures. Does that ever happen to you?

Months and years go by soooo quickly. It gets harder to remember little details about what our partners or little ones used to look like, how the light hits their faces just a little differently now.

My Philosophy

I love humans, and humans are far from perfect. I like that about us. If we work together, be prepared to be your true self, and be ready and open to love what you see. I will help you feel comfortable, and I think you will find it’s an enjoyable and freeing process.

Because of my strong belief in natural beauty, I will not pose you in strange, uncomfortable positions. I will re-touch any blemishes that are not a permanent part of you [shaving cuts, pimples, etc.], but I will not edit your photos to look tanned, stretched, pore-less, or bleached. I want you to look like YOU.

My Method

I have a very relaxed way of working. Believe me, I understand it can be nerve-wracking getting ready for a photo session, especially if you have little ones to prepare. My favorite thing is hanging out with people in and around their homes, capturing moments as you go about your day. I’ll lose track of time. There will be giggles, and messes, and sometimes tears. Delightful, honest imperfection.

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*Image by Nicol Smith