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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Espana Photography moved to heatherespana.com!

I cannot even begin to tell you how GOOD it is to be back! Thank you so much to all of you who have stuck by me, and followed me from my old domain to the new website here. Those of you who have followed the story on Facebook  know that I had to take some time off from photography, due to some chronic pain that was affecting my ability to hold my camera. But here we are! I am healthy, and so excited to be back to what I love. WHAT’S CHANGED? To be able to keep doing what I love for asView full post »

Oregon Headshots | Ben E

This is my baby brother! He is a singer, composer, and conductor, and you can find him online HERE. He’s graduating with his masters in just a couple weeks! You know how some siblings just don’t get along, and they kinda hate on each other? Yeah, that’s not us. We’ve been buds since the day he was born, minus that time where he threw his bottle at me and gave me a shiner. Now he’s all grown up, and super good at school, and has, like, seven jobs. But we still makeView full post »

Portland Portrait Session | Bethany K

You know when you meet someone, and you just have to be friends? Bethany is one of those people, and so is her man Phil [not pictured, because B needed some solo modeling attention. Obviously]. I met Bethany as a client three years ago, back when I was still photographing weddings. I was very excited to meet someone who laughs even louder than I do. Since then, we have played many games, watched many terrible YouTube videos, drank many hard ciders, and eaten many delicious foods. We met up atView full post »

Oregon Portrait Session | Emily G

Those. FRECKLES. I live for those freckles. Emily and I met up in her orchard, in our muddy boots, and laughed at how strange it is to be a photographer in front of a camera. IF YOU LIKE THIS, YOU MIGHT LIKE:View full post »